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Direct Mail


London Letterbox Marketing delivers addressed mail throughout London and surrounding areas.


Work with us and you can send targeted mailings that reach your target audiences 7 days a week, 364 days a year. Our experienced and committed employees are able to deliver everything from letters to postcards large letters.


  • We provide an efficient, secure and economical alternative to the Royal Mail for addressed mail deliveries. Within any area of London chosen by a client, we can formulate a bespoke mailing list to target specific addresses. We deliver to specific roads, or on a larger scale to a chosen ward, borough, sector, district or postcode area.

  • Our innovative mapping and surveying software ensures all deliveries are made using the most effective routing matrix.

  • We provide specifically targeted transactional and direct mail campaigns at competitive prices. Our services are equally matched to the postal service but are available for a fraction of the cost, with Royal Mail or Down Stream Access providers who utilise Royal Mail charging considerably more.

  • We’re happy to collect your addressed mail from a mailing house for delivery, or you can make use of our in-house, end-to-end services. We can use your database to print and enclose letters on site here in West London before delivery.

  • We comply with all operational requirements and complaints handling procedures, as per the Consumer Complaint Handling Standards Regulations introduced by Postcomm in 2008.


Whether you are new to direct mail or are a routine user frustrated by regular price increases, we can help. We are a full-service media agency and can assist clients throughout the entire campaign process, from design to print and delivery. We can also provide you with the address data needed to reach your customers.

Contact us on 020 7193 2841 for a quote or to discuss your next campaign.
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