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The Benefits of Leaflet Distribution


Leaflet distribution is a way to convey your message directly to potential customers, taking a campaign into the homes and workplaces of your target audience.

You might think that marketing has moved online and that direct mail is an old-fashioned strategy, but there are in fact a number of reasons why leaflet distribution is one of the best ways to grab your customers’ attention. By investing in door drop distribution, you can set your business apart from the competition with clear print marketing, which you know for sure will be seen by its intended recipients.

  • Faster Response

Digital marketing can be a successful way of increasing brand visibility, but this is typically a long-term strategy and progress can initially be slow. For many businesses, waiting a long time for results is not a viable option; seeing instant, tangible results is important to produce sales or improve cashflow.


Leaflet distribution means you can get marketing materials out to your target audience within as little as 24 hours. , noticing your brand on the same day that printed material is posted through their letterbox. This is because a leaflet or flyer is a physical item which requires interaction. While people have become accustomed to subconsciously blocking out digital marketing messages when they appear on their screen, the same cannot be said of print materials.


Our leaflet distribution service has been proven to deliver returns in as little as 24 hours from printing to purchase. How many marketing channels could achieve results like that with the same cost efficiency?


  • Less Competition

When solus distribution is used, your printed marketing is delivered on its own, exactly when and where you want it to be delivered. There is no other marketing material accompanying your letter, which means you have your customer’s undivided attention.


The same can’t be said for online marketing, where potential customers are overwhelmed by the amount of advertisements seen on every website and social networking platform. Users are becoming desensitised to this type of marketing, presented with advertisements everywhere they look. Regain your target audience’s attention with door drop distribution.


  • Memorable Marketing

89% of consumers remember receiving a door drop mailing and nearly 50% of households store leaflets for later. By having printed communications delivered directly to potential customers, it is more likely that they will remember your brand and come to you when they require your services, even if this isn’t straight away.


  • Cost-Effective

Leaflet distribution is an extremely cost-effective form of marketing, sometimes costing as little as 5p per flyer. It is also an easy way to potentially boost customer engagement and retention, with this type of campaign requiring much less in-house time and resources than other types of advertising.


  • Measurable

A key advantage of leaflet distribution is the ability to easily measure responses and determine your success rate. By including an offer code or voucher on each flyer, you can monitor the level of response and determine what works for you, tweaking your design and message when necessary.


Further market research shows door to door distribution is an integral part of modern marketing:


  • 93% of consumers like getting door drop product samples, vouchers and offers

  • 51% of UK adults think door drops are great for information on local services and events

  • 89% of consumers remember door drops, compared to only 35% who remember information received by email


To create a successful direct mail campaign, there are some key things to consider. In order to give your leaflet the best start, make sure it is well designed and immediately appealing, targeted to the right audience and delivered quickly and accurately.

At London Letterbox Marketing, our experienced team can help you get every component right. We’ll help you build your campaign from laptop to letterbox and provide reliable and efficient delivery to get your message out to potential customers. We promise to deliver on time, every time, so you can be sure that your material is impacting recipients the right away.

To get started on a leaflet distribution campaign,
contact our team on 020 7193 2841.

Data Sources: Royal Mail Fresh Minds Research (2011), The Direct Marketing Association & Marketing Week.

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