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Leaflet Distribution


London Letterbox Marketing  is London’s leading leaflet distribution company, experienced in targeting and delivering direct marketing campaigns. We deliver quality marketing and print material with unrivalled speed and accuracy on behalf of clients from the private, public and voluntary sectors.


We provide services to a range of clients, from SMEs to multinationals and local government bodies. We are proud to offer our clients choice, with a range of distribution options available for businesses of all sizes and budgets. Whatever your needs, we are confident that we can meet them through a tailored campaign strategy that suits you.


We are able to deliver across the capital, reaching all 3.3 million of London’s residential and business addresses.


We are a full-service media agency, using our expertise to deliver compelling marketing campaigns and help our clients achieve a return on investment. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist businesses big and small in the delivery of campaigns, identifying the most effective way for each to reach their target audience.


Have a message to communicate? Get in touch on 020 7193 2841


Leaflet distribution London: How we do it

At London Letterbox Marketing , we have our own mapping and surveying software and can provide precise demographics to help advertisers deliver targeted campaigns that see real results.


Thanks to our wealth of experience and tried and trusted practices, we are able to consistently provide high quality service and truly believe that the standards we adhere to set us apart from our competitors. We believe that every delivery counts. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure complete accuracy in our distribution.


Unlike many other leaflet distribution businesses, we employ experienced and comprehensively trained staff to ensure that all deliveries run smoothly and meet the agreed aims of a campaign. We strongly believe that by valuing our staff, they will remain motivated to maintain the high standards we set. Our business is built upon honesty, integrity and an ethical commitment to excellence; in alignment with these values, our staff are never paid less than the London Living Wage and are carefully selected to fit within our personable and diligent workforce.


To ensure accuracy, we constantly analyse distribution using GPS data. Using the latest monitoring systems, we encourage clients to track our progress and find peace of mind in the confidence that their communication material has been delivered correctly and securely. We are assured of our techniques and we want our clients to be, too. This is why we include a 100% guarantee of delivery as part of our service.


Types of leaflet distribution in London

We distribute millions of leaflets across London and the South East each year and know a thing or two about the best ways of achieving this. We use our expert knowledge to advise clients on the strategy that will produce the best results for them.


There are several types of leaflet distribution that we can offer to our clients. Perhaps you want to target consumers by age, occupation, affluence or marital status? We can help with this and more, using targeting software to help you increase both customer engagement and customer retention through every marketing campaign. We want each of our clients to achieve a genuine return on their investment and do our utmost to make this happen, making sure key aims are clear before proceeding and offering expert advice so clients can get more out of leaflet distribution.


We use three key distribution methods: solus distribution, selective distribution and shared distribution. All of these methods ensure reliable delivery, but one may be more suited to your business depending on your specific requirements. Get in touch with our friendly team and we will be happy to discuss your goals and advise accordingly.


No matter which type of distribution you choose, you can be sure that your print marketing is in safe hands and that your campaign will be implemented accurately and securely. Whether you are targeting customers at their homes, in their workplaces or in public spaces, we can set up a distribution campaign that’s right for you.


To discuss your requirements, you can contact our team on 020 7193 2841
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