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Selective Distribution


Selective distribution allows for a more focused direct marketing campaign.


Using our own mapping and surveying software as well as dependable address databases, we can create a bespoke mailing list for any chosen street, postcode area or local authority border within London.


By extracting this data, we can target your campaign to ensure it reaches the desired audience.


As well as targeting by geographical area, we can also deliver to specific socio-demographic groups. This is an effective way to distribute if your campaign is best suited to a distinct body of people.


Through selective distribution you can target and deliver to particular areas, including:


  • Individual addresses

  • Specific streets

  • Businesses only

  • Postcode sectors

  • London wards



100% Delivery Guarantee


We pride ourselves on our reliable delivery services and use the latest monitoring systems to ensure all leaflets are delivered accurately and on time. We offer a 100% guarantee of secure delivery as part of our service, assuring you that you can rely on us to meet your distribution needs.


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