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Shared Distribution


Cost effective, reliable and targeted: our shared distribution service could be the perfect for you to reach your potential customers.

This service ensures the same reliability as our solus distribution, but at a lower cost. Through regular contact with other advertisers, we can identify opportunities for shared delivery and let you know when a suitable opportunity arises. Your leaflet will be delivered alongside items from other advertisers ready to deliver in the same area.

Shared distribution requires a little more flexibility, as the delivery of your items can only be carried out when a number of leaflets have been collated. When we share distribution the cost savings are passed onto you, enabling you to complete your campaign while saving money.

100% Delivery Guarantee

We pride ourselves on our reliable delivery services and use the latest monitoring systems to ensure all leaflets are delivered accurately and on time. We offer a 100% guarantee of secure delivery as part of our service, assuring you that you can rely on us to meet your distribution needs.

Interested in shared distribution opportunities? Call us on 020 7193 2841.
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