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6 of the most exciting leaflet and flyer ideas for 2018

Will your business push the boundaries of leaflet design in the year to come?

Print marketing is very much alive, and in 2018 it looks like leaflet marketing in particular is going to be more exciting and eye-catching than ever before. We’re already seeing some incredible trends and designs cropping up across the UK and beyond, which is why we thought we’d share some of the most exciting trends on the horizon for flyer and leaflet design.

This year, leaflet design is all about standing out from the crowd. Here are 6 ways your business can achieve this.

Go old school

At a time when everyone is scrambling to make use of the latest technological bells and whistles, one of the most exciting ways to stand out in 2018 is to go old school with your leaflet design. Use grainy effects, slanted images and simple typesets to create the illusion of a leaflet made by simple photocopier, scissors and glue.

This is a great option for more artistic, visual businesses, especially those aimed at younger people who might appreciate this ‘cool’, vintage feel.

Use striking shades

Using colour to stand out isn’t a new idea in leaflet design, but 2018 is all about pushing it further. Try combining several bright shades to create a really vivid look, but just remember that if you have set business colours it’s always a good idea to feature these in order to define your image further.

Add magazine style

For businesses trying to make a real impression such as those in fashion, beauty or other creative industries, it’s worth considering a magazine-style leaflet design. Using different fonts and text sizes creates the feel of a high fashion magazine article, especially if you pair a monochrome colour scheme with hint of an accent colour.

Try fold-out flyers

Fold-out flyers are set to be popular in 2018, and it’s not hard to understand why. Having a flyer that unravels into a wider image or piece of text transforms your leaflet into something that is tactile as well as visual. Of course, most leaflets are folded to some degree, but consider new and more exciting ways for readers to reveal your business content.

Ask a question

Sometimes we get so bogged down in making sure all the necessary text is included in our leaflets that we end up with a design that lacks that extra impact. One way to get around this is to choose a single quote or question to grab the readers’ attention immediately.

Any business can use this tactic, just don’t be afraid to really commit to it. The bolder and more striking your question is, the more attention it will receive.

Double-use designs

Every leaflet marketer’s worst fear is that their content will be screwed up and thrown away before it’s even been read. One way businesses will try to combat this in 2018 is by creating leaflets which can be kept and used for another purpose, whether it’s a bookmark, an inspirational poster or even an origami lesson. If you can find an option which relates to your what your business specialises in, even better.

Remember, clarity and consistency never go out of style…

While it’s important to stay up to date with fresh ideas and trends in leaflet design, you should also bear in mind what the main inspiration for your flyers should always be: your business and your customers.

Above all else, make sure your leaflet is clear, eye-catching and informative. If you can create a flyer design which accurately reflects your business through style, colour and layout, and which contains all the information your customers want to know, then you’re far more likely to find success as a result.

Ready to get started with your leaflet design? Contact the team at Letterbox Media today by clicking here.

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