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Making your brand memorable with print marketing

Updated: Jan 4, 2018

Business leaders and marketing professionals are always searching for new ways to increase brand awareness and make a lasting impression on their target audience. In the digital world, efforts are most often put into perfecting online marketing campaigns, with little or no time given to other strategies. Digital marketing can help you to increase brand visibility, but when every other business is using the same techniques, how can yours stand out?

Print marketing allows you to convey your message directly to potential customers in a way that is highly targeted and memorable, setting your brand apart from the competition. Print certainly isn’t dead, and now is the perfect time to use it to your advantage by creating and distributing attention-grabbing marketing material. Here are just a few reasons why.

Less competition

As digital marketing and publishing has become more popular, people receive less direct mail marketing than they once did. Whether your advertisement is printed on a leaflet or in a newsletter, your potential customer is much more likely to pay attention to it now that your leaflet isn’t hidden in amongst 10 other glossy sheets of paper. No longer overwhelmed, recipients give more time to each piece and are able to fully engage with and remember your message.

Using solus distribution, you can make an even greater impact, getting your campaign to the doorstep without any other distractions whatsoever. With solus campaigns you have the rare opportunity to take advantage of your customers’ undivided attention – something you certainly can’t guarantee online where a constant stream of content threatens to distract consumers. When overwhelmed by an endless stream of adverts, users become desensitised to digital marketing efforts.

Saved for later

Well produced print material is retained by recipients in case they find a need for the advertised product or offer code in future. Research from the Direct Marketing Association showed that nearly 50% of households store leaflets for later, either pinning them on notice boards or putting them in drawers. If a potential customer pins your marketing material in a visible place for later use, it could generate business months down the line. It also means people are being reminded of your brand on a regular basis and that they’ll come to you when they do require your services, even if this isn’t right away.

Print is exciting

Print material has a certain credibility associated with it that online material does not. When something is produced in print, it appears as though more time and effort has been invested in it and that it is therefore important in some way. Although a lot of printed material has moved to the web, there is a still a commonly held perception that print is more valuable and worth its reader’s time. Investing in print marketing may allow you to reach potential customers who would avoid engagement with your online advertisements.

Customer retention

As well as enticing and impressing new customers, it is also important to show existing customers that you value their loyalty. In digital marketing, it is not uncommon for more effort to be put into attracting potential customers than nurturing existing ones after the purchase decision was made.Print marketing can focus on customer retention, by reminding your audience of your great products or services and providing exclusive offers or discounts to those who have shown loyalty to you before.

For help with your next print marketing campaign, contact the team at London Letterbox Marketing on 020 7193 2841 or contact us here.

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